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The Miracle Maker Leadership Council (MMLC), comprised of Expect Miracles Foundation’s major donor circles, is a select group of leaders in the financial industry who lead the Foundation’s mission to provide impact funding to life-saving cancer research and patient care programs. The MMLC is charged with strengthening Expect Miracles Foundation’s position as the industry’s leading advocate in the war on cancer through financial support, example and leadership.

Members make a 3-year annual pledge, with 94% of donations supporting our causes, and 6% covering administrative expenses. Thus, for MMLC donations, 69% is directed to support research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science, and 25% is directed to the MMLC Fund for funding awards to promising patient care programs.

Program Overview

"Although I have only been involved with the MMLC over the past 2 years, my experience has been very rewarding.  Being able to work with a dedicated group of financial services professionals who care about giving back by supporting the fight against cancer has been tremendous.  In the end, I strongly feel that the MMLC is having a significant impact on those charities we support in furthering their mission and I am proud to be a part of it." Peter O'Toole - Citisoft, Inc. 

"Having a seat on the Miracle Maker Leadership Council is such a rewarding experience.  Not only do I have the opportunity to participate in the grant approval process, I do so round a table of peers and friends within the industry.  The Council awarded 4 grants to organizations across the country, and it was a difficult decision after receiving over 100 requests. These organizations make a difference everyday for those who are struggling with cancer. It was wonderful to know that we provided funds to make their work a little easier." - Karan McClimans - T. Rowe Price

To learn more about joining the Council, please contact:
Frank Heavey, Executive Director
P: 978.760.4352
E: fheavey@expectmiraclesfoundation.org

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