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Expect Miracles Foundation's Current Fundraisers

Although Expect Miracles Foundation's major events are postponed due to the pandemic, the needs of cancer patients and survivors, especially young adults, are greater than ever because of this historic health and economic crisis. 

For almost two decades, Samfund grants have supported young adults in their financial recovery from cancer. Now, the growing pandemic threatens to destroy any financial stability they have established. Knowing that housing is currently the most critical need as well as the largest bill, we are providing one-time rent/mortgage payments to ensure that young adults and their families are able to stay in their homes and more easily afford food and other necessities. To enable these rent/mortgage payments, we are proud to announce the creation of the Samfund COVID-19 Emergency Fund. 

But we need YOUR help.

Scroll down to learn more about a few ways you can get involved in fundraising through some unique outlets and check out who is already fundraising!


EMF Putting Challenge

Expect Miracles (Social) Distance Challenge

How many miles would you bike, run, or walk to make an impact on those dealing with cancer? Find out by joining one or both of the Expect Miracles (Social) Distance Challenges with colleagues, friends, family members, or individually!



EMF Putting Challenge

Expect Miracles Putting Challenge

Frank Strauss, the Founder & Chairman of Expect Miracles Foundation challenges YOU to take the Expect Miracles Putting Challenge, here's how:



Shave Your Head with EMF

Shave Your Head with Expect Miracles Foundation

A couple of individuals have taken it upon themselves to shave their heads and fundraise for Expect Miracles Foundation. We are so appreciative of this creative idea and the LIVE head-shaving on Zoom has been a nice touch for the donors. If you are interested in shaving your head with Expect Miracles Foundation, please email Jaime Waldecker at jwaldecker@expectmiraclesfoundation.org

Click Here to Support Andy McFetridge's Head Shave

Almost 100 people tuned into Zoom on April 3 to watch Andy McFetridge, John Hancock Investment Management, shave his head.

Click Here to Support Jeff Kenney's Head Shave

Donors will receive a zoom link to watch Jeff Kenney, QUODD, shave his head on Saturday, May 2nd at 11 AM.

Shave Your Head with EMF

Start a Birthday Fundraiser

If you would like to make your birthday more meaningful, please consider fundraising for Expect Miracles Foundation. Facebook enables you to start a birthday fundraiser on your own OR we can help you set one up. If you start one on Facebook, please let us know so we can recognize you appropriately.

If you need help or have questions, please reach out to Jaime Waldecker at jwaldecker@expectmiraclesfoundation.org!

Spinning Shot

Do you have a new creative fundraising idea?

Interested in fundraising for Expect Miracles Foundation through your own fundraising idea? Please let us know so you can make your experience more meaningful! You can raise funds in any initiative, of any kind, of any distance, in any city. Expect Miracles supporters have participated in marathons, kayak races, walkathons, bicycle challenges, 5ks, triathlons, dunk tanks, pie in the face, and many more. 

Simply reach out to Jaime Waldecker at jwaldecker@expectmiraclesfoundation.org and she will provide you with a fundraising page, fundraising tips, and dedicated help throughout the process.

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